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Bubble Clown

Clown shows, soap bubbles, balloon shows, walking acts, children's birthday parties, circus activities and more

Entertainment for all ages and all types of events

*NEW* Bubblloon show

Bubbllon show "I am Crazy and I Like it" The new fantastic funny show with soap bubbles and giant balloon Details
Bubble Clown Show

Bubbleclown Entertainment for the whole family. Fascinating and funny show with juggling,music and much bubbles. Details

Interaktive Show Interactive bubble playground(with/without the clown) Explore the magic of the soap bubbles.
Street artist show

Straßenkünstler_show walk-smile & go Show
Ideal for city festivals, markets etc. Details
Bubble-Light Show

Bubblight The magic bubble light show with the special magic light table. Details
Birthday party

Geburtstag For children from 0 to 120 years old with clown show, soap bubbles, fire, drum, circus and more Details
Circus activities

Mitmachzirkus Children-space for festival, markets and more,
school projects, course and Juggling shop. Details

walkingacts A special highlight for every celebration. Stilt walkers, soap bubbles, fire and more Details
face painting

Geburtstag Face painting - the colorful highlight for all kinds of parties. Details

Drumsonfire_shop Drums on Fire-Shop
Juggling, drums and soap bubbles, gift ideas for all ages Details

Soundofjuggling Salzburg Artistic Association -organizer of the Salzburg Juggling Convention - "The Sound of Juggling" Details