Fire shows for your special occasions.

“Drums On Fire” shows are Highly entertaining, visually stunning and featuring exceptionally skilled performers, Can fit in any kind of event, outdoor or indoor(if possible).

presented with a variety of fire dancing equipment like levi stick,flower stick,poi,staff, double staff,dragon staff,snakes,fire volkan effect,fans,fire clowns and many more.

we create the best space for your event, all equipment is included, from sound system to lights, from fire decoration to backstage pavilion and more, all you have left to do is smile and enjoy the show.

The sound for our shows is mix of different world music tracks but if you have a special music wish, just tell us about it in advance and we will prepare our show to your wish.

Where we perform:

  • corporate events
  • Street festivals and markets
  • weddings
  • cultural events
  • Walking acts
  • film/video shoots
  • nightclub podiums
  • parties
  • festivals
  • Christmas markets
  • or any other wish that you have

Fire Safety:

Drums On Fire safety standards allow you to unleash the primal power of fire on your guests with full confidence. With years of performance experience and a 100% safety record, you can be confident that your event will be incident free. Professional fire performers know that the first priority of fire performance is safety. commitment to fire safety including the following considerations:

  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Discriminating choice of performance fuels.
  • Supply of adequate fire safety equipment including fire extinguisher ,fire blanket and flame resistant carpet.
  • Venue requirements including ventilation, crowd control, distance from crowd and safety zones.
  • "Drums on Fire"-Fire safety PDF