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Circus Tent Rentals

Our tents are suitable as a theater tent, for school projects,

Festivals, workshops, company parties, weddings or any other ideas / dreams you have

We will be happy to provide you with an offer after we have checked the general conditions.
In any case, there is a satisfaction guarantee.

Please include the following information with your request:
  • For company / private event
  • venue
  • when should the event take place?build up/down
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • With / without wooden floor / grandstand
  • Soil quality (meadow / field / asphalt / gravel / other)
  • Can you provide helpers for assembly or disassembly?

450m² circus tent

big top unique vanue for extraordinary events, concerts and festivals. Details
Mini circus tent

Mitmachzirkus 10dm circus tent for rent optional with our circus kinderspace Details
Connecting corridor

Verbindungsgang Connecting corridor between two tents protected from the weather. Details
Circus pagodas

vorzelte 3 circus pagodas, each about 36 square meters for cloakroom, ticket selling, bar etc. Details
Grandstand / seats

Sitztribüne Half-circle solid wood grandstand for 400-450 people Details
Wooden floor

Bodenplan -Konzert Bodenplan+tribune Bodenplan- Konzert mit Tribüne tanzboden

Wooden floor three-layer panels 1x2m on 5x8 square timber
Our wooden floor is usually built with our seating gradin or a stage.
there so the floor does not cover the entire tent area (only approx. 386² of a total of 450²).
On request our partner company can fill the rest with dance floor / stage as well as exhibition carpet, light & sound, tables etc.