Drums on Fire - Fire shows

Drums on Fire- Fire shows

Fire shows for your special occasion

The Salzburger fire group “Drums on Fire” lets the sparks fly with their thrilling shows!
They share with you the fascination and passion of fire dancing!
Immerse yourself in the game and let yourself be surprised! Which flame is stronger? Which spark is flying higher?
Which glow is more captivating? Powerful and gentle at the same time, they combine the flames into a large, constantly blazing fire and let us experience the energy of the dancing flames up close!
"Drums on Fire" shows entertain at the highest level.
A visually stunning performance and impressive artistically talented artists.
Our fire shows will be remembered for a long time.

We bring you the whole atmosphere:
All our offers including sound system, costumes, extinguishing materials, stage decoration with fire and light, and if necessary also a backstage pavilion.

DrumsOnFire Team

Artists "Drums on Fire" family is built up from a group of talented artists. Details
Our shows

feuershows Spectacular fire show for your TOP EVENT.
Solo/duo/groups stage shows and more. Details

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Where we perform:

  • Corporate/company events
  • Festivals
  • Christmas markets
  • Private celebration
  • Weddings
  • Street festivals/Markets
  • cultural Events
  • Walking acts
  • Film / video recordings
  • Night clubs
  • Theme events
  • Surprise us with something new ;-)
Our shows fit every type of event all year round. Outdoor and indoor (under special conditions)

Fire Safety:
The Drums On Fire safety regulations enable you to release the primal force of fire for your guests with full responsibility.
With years of experience in the field and a hundred percent safety determination, you can look forward to your event with confidence.
Professional fire artists know that the top priority of fire shows is safety.
The liability regarding the fire safety measures includes the following:
We train regularly all year long with and without fire.
we bring all necessary extinguishing materials (powder extinguisher, fire blanket, water bucket etc.) with us,
For larger shows with 3 or more artists an experienced "fire safety" person is including in our team.
and no question here....we are insured in case of accidents or damage.
Venue requirements include ventilation, barriers, distance from the audience, and safety zones.